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Due to COVID-19, several changes and restrictions will be in place.


As we receive updates and further guidance from health officials, we will actively adjust our COVID response and take precautions to assure safety. Thank you for your patience. 


COVID-19 Procedures: 

Your Health:

*If you are felling sick, have a fever, or have been exposed to anyone who is, please stay at home. 



*We expect patrons who arrive at the drive-in in one car to maintain social distancing from those who do not arrive with them in the same car. 

* You may sit inside, behind, or in front of your car; however, your car members must distance 6 ft. from other patrons.


Concessions (2 ways to order):

*Order and pay through FanFood app; this is strongly encouraged. Once you are notified your order is complete, you will pick up at the FanFood pick-up table at the concession stand’s back door.

*Order in the concession stand. No more than two patrons in concession stand at a time. Up to 10 may wait outside, maintaining 6ft. distance from one another. Please send only one family member in to order for your group and review the menu in the brochure for efficiency. 



*No more than 2 patrons at a time in restrooms. All patrons must maintain a minimum of 6 ft. distance from one another while in line.

*Wash hands for 20 seconds prior to exiting the restroom, per CDC.

*Restrooms will be closed periodically for cleaning and sanitization.


We strongly encourage the use of a mask at any point you are away from your car.


Your ticket purchase and entrance to the Bel-Air signifies agreement to these COVID restrictions. The COVID-19 plan and rules are subject to change at the direction of management. Anyone in violation of these safety precautions may be asked to leave the premises without a refund.    

UPDATED                                 4.16.21